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Check this out… Anyone up for some Bondage and Pussy Punishment? Hell, Yeah! Does it matter what the pussy looks like? Not today. Doesn’t matter if it’s ugly and raw looking. If it’s pretty and pink looking that will change after we’re done with it! Let us beat it, poke it, stuff it with anything our sick minds come up with to inflict punishment . We think you get the picture. You can tell we take pride in our work. Look we just LOVE when a bitch is totally helpless as we go to town on that crying but wanting cunt. Words like Stop and NO does not help either. If she says pretty please we may let up for a second…


Hey, she is a Favorite around here. We’re talking about FREAKY Daisy Ducati! Who could blame us with this loud and proud bitch. This Freaky, gorgeous brown skin babe always causes an uproar around here. You ever notice the word cat in here last name? Make that pussy PURR PURR PURR. Daisy is a pain lover and proud of it. You Go Gurl! Frizzy red hair makes every boner around here come alive. Any hole would be good enough for us to explore. Pain is this freaks middle name! Interracial always gets us off and Daisy makes it happen everytime. Pain and pleasure are good friends of this freaky golden skin honey…

Daisy Ducati Loud and Proud Here

P.S. 1OOth POST Whoo-hoo!!!

Black Bitch in a Bag!

Oct 5, 2014

You heard of bed in a bag? You know the all in one deals you can buy for your bed. Now you have Chanell Heart and booty in a bag! We would rather purchase this one. She can only stay in our bed after we have tied her up, flogged and fucked the hell out of that black booty! And she has plenty of booty to go around. We show the love by giving forced orgasms. It’s obvious we really have a thing for this brown skinned beauty. When watching the flogging of that shaved pink snatch we all got quite engorged making all cocks standing on end around here. It goes without saying with our tongues drooling it’s time for some licking of that wet pink spot just to show Chanell how much we truly appreciated it. Some nibbling on those pierced nipples is not out of the question either.

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Check out this Brown Skin Beauty! Watching her get punished almost made me cum in my pants ooops. That beautiful brown skin made my cock throb with excitement. I want to thrust any object I can get my hands on inside of her. Her Name is Maxine X. I wonder if the X is for EXTRA Hot!!! I was afraid the nipple clamps were going to pull her beautiful brown nipples right off ouch…


Simone Sonay likes to experience some rough fucking and extreme bondage to get her rocks off!!!. She thought she could handle anything well she doesn’t seem to handle it all that well in “Crybaby” Check out the blond slut breaking down. We would love to punish her Pussy! Shut up you CRY BABY, CRY BABY!!!

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