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We bet most if not all red blooded men have seen the whipped pie scene from Varsity Blues. It gave our already perverted imaginations some food for thought. Food and Porn just go together. We know after shooting a big load we need to feed our faces. Don’t you want something a little more freaky besides the romantic and if we can be honest, boring feeding your lover strawberries. What ways could we use food to turn it from romance to the more freaky and stimulating? How about that erotic curved banana slide it slowly in her baby chute and if your really feeling FREAKY you can taste it with all her lady juice on it! You could join the green movement with one mighty cucumber up that tight ass. Satisfy both your sweet tooth cravings with some drizzled chocolate syrup on your man meat and let her devour it in no time flat. Whores love chocolate and we do too! Try some dual penetration with fruit and veggies and get that five servings of the day easily. Whatever you come up with getting freaky with food sounds a buffet of pleasure…

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Hello my fellow freaks. I mean that in a loving way lol. I will being posting again soon! I have been sick but I will be getting better soon. I have so many things I want to try and explore yet! ~ I’m just getting started so I hope to be sharing with you all in the near future~ I still have many things I want to try and explore! I’m don’t know if anyone really reads my blog but I just wanted to let you know just in case…

We have to admit long hair and nails never really turned me on before but there is something about Foxy Anya that just excite!!! Her stunning beauty, beautiful long hair and nails sets her apart from all the rest. We couldn’t resist writing about this one of a kind Latina. Just look at her perfect tits! We really dig the hair but we might think twice about those nails. We would be scared to death to get a prostate exam by Anya with those nails. We love her exotic looks and toned body. Her beautiful long hair teases you as it flows down just barely covering her perky nipples. She knows how to please you just with her hair and nails alone. Did you ever hear of a hairjob before but we you sure in Hell want one now! It looks like it would feel SO Good!!! We don’t even care if it tickles. You have to wonder if all those cumshots in the hair is what gives it that beautiful shine and makes it grow like crazy. We happily volunteer some homemade shampoo anytime if she runs out!


New to Fetish!

Feb 9, 2012

We have many questions being new to the fetish world! You could say we have always been a little curious about the fetish lifestyle. What criteria is used to define if something is a fetish? When does it become a Fetish? Who the hell decides? Maybe you’re just kinky as hell! We expect this will not be the end of the questions . Don’t you think we all have a little fetish of some kind? Not really sure if we actually have any fetishes. Maybe we just enjoy being kinky sometimes. Well, we guess we will just have to find out the hard way grinning from ear to ear . We look forward to sharing with you all our kinky fantasies and fetish experiences. Please feel free to share with us some of your desires, fetishes & experiences. Only together can we make this a beneficial experience for All!!!