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Double Dick Delight!

May 28, 2015

Double Dick Delight could be a new flavor under Dairy Queen Sex flavors! We promise this is not an ad for Dairy Queen. Oh, how we love a chick who is into DOUBLE DICKS!!! It’s so much more fun and trouble when she is into more than just one salami. As your body explores one hole you can fill up another hole. Savor the taste of his meat while I plug you her up the ass. While riding our pole bro go sit on that lonely face forcing your throbbing meat into her mouth. Once you find one that is willing to try two dicks anything goes. Bend her backwards and make her suck you dry as I bulldoze the front. When a bitch enjoys twin salamis  she never wants single servings again. Bros before hoes as they say…


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Fetish Exploring Now!

Sep 20, 2014

What is your Fetish my freaky friends??? We wanted and needed to explore some more Fetishes with out drawing too much attention and still keep our privacy. Maybe they can be a little different or somewhat uncommon to some but nothing illegal. Checked out and got some relief from Porn sites but the desires have been growing and feeling that uncontrollable lust we needed help fast! Some could be called Taboo but we don’t care What The FUCK you call them! What is considered normal is open to opinion. Anyway we decided to explore by calling the number below. We got to be freaky and open without being embarrassed. That was very important to us. We ended up losing our voice and breath by beating off so much. We hope you love it as much as we loved it!!!

Fetishes Unlimited!
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Phone Sex Anyone?

Mar 11, 2012

Decided to check out some phone sex lines just to get a feel for all the different types of fetishes. We Figure it couldn’t hurt and it would be a good way to start by getting our toes wet before jumping into the fetish pool. We just didn’t realize how many fetishes are out there. You name the sex act and you will find it’s a fetish for someone. Some sound a little too out there even for us such as CBT which stands for cock ball torture. Maybe we will be missing out but we don’t think pleasure equals getting our balls crushed. We like our balls bouncing in the wind and not in a glass jar. We don’t like the thought of getting them chopped off from getting testicular cancer.  Did you ever view any ball busting videos? Ouch! They’re painful just to watch. Ladies we don’t mind you playing with our balls, sucking on them and even playfully biting on them but PLEASE just don’t hurt the family jewels for gods sake!!! So that’s why we think phone sex is the perfect place to begin exploring the fetish world. Who doesn’t enjoy phone sex? Sometimes it’s the next best thing to being there. When we just need that release we let our fingers do the dialing…