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We got a big laugh at this one. No pun intended. This little blond midget, oops is that politically correct? Who gives a fuck! At first we thought she was a horny elf going down on Santa’s pole but we never saw a black santa. This slutty midget wastes no time trying out his black sausage. Poor little thing has trouble fitting this black meat whole in her small mouth. She needs to take baby steps with this black monster. The poor dude can’t even fit all of that monster in that tiny crack. Maybe her mother should of told her about the other white meat. This is something you probably will not find on your local pizzeria menu.

Midget Stella Gives Two Hand Blowjob. This video is offered free from

What is this bizarre fantasy all about? I know girls like stuffed animals but being fucked by giant panda bears huh. Is she into bestiality or maybe it’s  just a black and white thing. I just keep thinking about the don’t feed the bears warnings at the zoo haha. The panda flakes breakfast cereal does like good in the beginning of the vid. I wonder if my grocery store carries them smile. I know my best friend told me about how his brother stole his stuffed animal, cut a hole in it and fucked it when he was young. So maybe I shouldn’t judge. Well check it out and tell me what you think!


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