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My Rope Angel

Apr 19, 2016

You’re probably thinking what does rope have to do with angels. Well, let me explain. I had a thing for this younger beautiful bitch growing up. Called her bitch because she always acted like she was better than all the local guys. We lived in a small town with everything being average at best including jobs. She was so beautiful and she wouldn’t let your forget it. Everyone thought she looked and acted like an angel. Now you can see where part of the name comes from. Well a few years go by and I never really thought much about her until one night I run into her in some club in my new city. I was surprised and aroused both at the same time. I always dreamed of fucking her! Maybe I could buy her a drink. That is if she even remembers me. After finding my balls I offer to buy her a drink and she accepts! We ended up laughing and drinking while talking about growing up in such a pathetic town with only bingo for excitement. The night was getting on and I offered to walk her to the car. She does one better with asking me over for the end of the nite drink. I was so shocked and full of sexual excitement. Could I have a shot and filling this bitch up with some of my man cream? Do wishes come true for guys like me? I accepted and stopped over for that drink with a pulse pounding. I was enjoying her company and yet wanted to fuck her so very badly! We felt no pain as it got really late. She said you know what the hardest part of being in a new town? What? I ask quietly. Being so damn horny and shy. What? FUCK!!! Did she just say what I thought she said? I got my opening! Trying so hard not to look too excited. Is that even possible! It’s was all over when she wants to know did I ever try anything Kinky? I swallow hard as my dick becomes even harder. Like what? Rope Bondage! NO, I can’t say that I have. Well, I love it!!! Being tied up like an animal and being helpless. You can force me to do whatever your perverted mind can think of. Fuck me with toys and anything else you like. I just fill up my pants that they need to come off ASAP! She sees and obeys my desire. Go ahead tie me up stud! She just goes crazy when that rope rubs across her soaking wet lips and I don’t mean the talking lips, Although these lips do another kind of talking. As she shows me kinky shit I never saw before!!! I thought to myself she might just be MY ROPE ANGEL SENT FROM HEAVEN…


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