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We really want to experience a prostate massage. Hoping to get some advice from some prostate lovers. We hear they can be quite explosive. Besides the unbelievable sensations you experience we also heard it’s very healthy getting All that backed up cum out of that little fellow. Don’t know if we would have anything left to back up from all the jerking we perform on a daily basis. From what we hear online you can’t fight the build up very long and end up gushing like a fire hydrant. Anyone have any experience with that? We would like any advice about getting one. Toys are out for self prostate massage but we would rather have a babe use her fingers up the butt. Only concerns we about is getting some crazy bitch who doesn’t know what she is doing and cracking our little walnut laugh out loud. Don’t want anyone with long nails digging around up there. We like the idea of shooting bigger loads and would love two bitches for our experience. One to massage that baby and one to take it in the face!

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