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Masked for Punishment!

Sep 25, 2014

This is a good one. We find it somewhat funny in our kinky minds. This reminds us of a robbery gone bad. You know how some robbers wear panty hose for a mask. We found them kind of creepy in some late night old movies. Big titted Rain DeGrey is aggressively ASS fucked for crimes unknown! What we found comical was the pantyhose over her face. Did he find her too ugly to fuck? Maybe it’s the punishment for the crime she committed. Possible crimes such as not sucking dick hard enough or maybe not having a tighter anus when he rams that beefy black cock up her pooper. Rain is helpless as she is chained to some wooden cross like looking bench. Tongue tied so she can’t plea for mercy from this sadisitic judge. He leaves her a nice thick creampie so she will never forget her crime. Whatever the crime we love the punishment…

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