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What do you know about piercings and the increase in sexual pleasure they give? We always wondered about all the stories we have heard over the years. Actually we never had any experience with them just yet! We do know they turn us on visually. Nipple piercings like the one Miss Jackson flashed us at the Super Bowl ROCK! A nice juicy clit pierced looks outstanding and makes our cock throb with excitement. We long to find out how it feels when penetrated from behind. Imagine licking all around that clit and teasing it by pulling on that hoop with our teeth would get the juices flowing fast. Blowjobs would be outstanding. We have no proof but we can just imagine a chick with some metal swirling all over the tip of your cock would lead to some massive explosions. We have a gut feeling genital piercings would increase the sexual encounter. We would love to hear your experiences with piercings and what pleasures you receive from them….

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