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Fuck My Fat ASS

Dec 23, 2015

Will you please fuck my Fat ASS? Is it too big for you? I hope not for your sake! I love for you to stretch it out before ramming me with your giant rod!. Please make sure you go slow because this is my 1st time. I may have a virgin ass but I know how I like it man. Just lick my ass to get it nice and moist. Spit on it if you have to. Now spread my FAT! ass cheeks and stick your wet tongue in my sweet ass and tickle my funny bone. That’s it!!! Slow down big boy! Don’t forget to finger it too. It’s pure love when your finger slides inside my virgin hole. I need you to get it nice and loose before your raging rod plows my virgin ass. I’m getting super wet just thinking about your rod poking my plump ASSSSSS

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Hello fellow freaks & fetish lovers. Did you ever get ROCK hard watching a pussy being tortured. It is pulse pounding excitement to watch a innocent pink pussy to swell to new heights in front of your eyes. It soon turns bright bloodshot red and that is what makes us cum sooo much our brains would end up hurting!
But we never experienced it for REAL! How come we can find it on the web but not in the flesh? We figure you just don’t find women going around saying I love my pussy being tortured everyday in real life. What can a pussy torture pervert like us do to get a real thrill? We want to experience swollen lips that drip and hear moans of pleasure turning to screams of punishment!!!

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If this is not enough for you how about a DOM beauty named Miss Lips beating the defiance out of her young slave for disobeying. You might be thinking how could one pussy abuse another pussy so rough. Who knows. WE don’t care! If she can’t listen she must be PUNISHED!!!
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