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Double Dick Delight!

May 28, 2015

Double Dick Delight could be a new flavor under Dairy Queen Sex flavors! We promise this is not an ad for Dairy Queen. Oh, how we love a chick who is into DOUBLE DICKS!!! It’s so much more fun and trouble when she is into more than just one salami. As your body explores one hole you can fill up another hole. Savor the taste of his meat while I plug you her up the ass. While riding our pole bro go sit on that lonely face forcing your throbbing meat into her mouth. Once you find one that is willing to try two dicks anything goes. Bend her backwards and make her suck you dry as I bulldoze the front. When a bitch enjoys twin salamis  she never wants single servings again. Bros before hoes as they say…


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Teasing Every Hole!

May 5, 2015

We don’t know about you but we like teasing every hole. Just to be clear that is every hole of a woman. Clean and smelling good should always apply, that should go without saying. Some flogging the sweet spot should always be included to show that cunt who is in charge. You have to tease and prepare that hole just right before entering it. Some nibbling on those tender lips and pulling will really get her going. Finger it to knock anything loose that shouldn’t be there and some good licking helps wash away any grime. Blow on it if it’s too wet. Always prepare that backend by fingering around! That way you get no CHUNKS of brown stuff! Some may not care to lick that ass but we do. We enjoy sticking that quivering moist tongue up that ass as far as we can. Makes it nice and wet for our throbbing beef stick to go to work. The same way after having a good car wash, we like to make it shine when were finished…