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Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Go out and fuck the stuffing out of a pilgrim. Then eat some pumpkin pie.

We all have first times in our lives. Some first times a girl will never forget in her life usually consist of a heart punding first kiss, first crush and the dreaded break up. What about first time fucking fisting!!! That is even better. The excitement and pleasure that comes with a first fisting will never be forgotten because some girls are scared to go there. Shy about that anal first time and fisting is something they really have to think about.Carter Cruise loses her anal fisting virginity to Dana DeArmond in this all lesbian anal sex update! Carter looks like a sweet girl so she needs to be sweet talked into it. But once she does she finds many thrilling sensations come from a nice fucking fisting….

This pussy that Beretta James owns is Top Shelf and it took two massive cocks to please her. To be honest it may take more to truly break her. With Curves to die for and appetite to match would you be able to satisfy her? She only wants every hole filled and to be exhausted by men willing to do what it takes! Dark features to match her dark desires make us fill with cum in no time. Just waiting to shoot all over this honey is our problem!

We Love younger women. Who doesn’t? Maybe some brain dead guy with a limp dick might not. We never had a virgin. Young and Virgin is the fantasy of all fantasies. Teens today look and act naughty as Hell by the way they dress and act! If you’re honest with yourself you know you would have to agree. We can’t help but look at them even if you know it’s wrong. Virgin sounds so good to us that we starting thinking would it be possible to pick up a young slutty one but still be a virgin? Nothing underage! Who needs that problem? Just something sweet looking but still slutty acting. Young and tight that make us crazy with raw desire. Working up some heavy loads will be easy then. Some honey may like Grandpa smacking her virgin ass. We sure hope we can find one. Maybe if we give them a lollipop we could even get some virgin ass while tapping that sweet tight pussy…

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Queens of Pain!

Nov 5, 2014

Queens of Pain sounds like a good name for some bad ass women’s wrestling tag team. Well, these bitches may be even tougher. Even though this tall bitch looks like she would be in control the feisty short one shows who is really boss. Fully Fucking suspended and tied up in so many ways she can’t get away. The Flogging comes from all directions and never will she feel at ease. She must be able to adjust to where the flogging might strike next. No time for her shaved pussy to be shy. SMACKING that ass is not enough! Whipped is more to the liking of her dominant master. Tortured tits is also the start of screams of desires. Rope is so tight those titties look like ripe tomatoes