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Trick or Treat has come early this year my fellow freaks. Yes, it is a Halloween lovers dream! BDSM and Hardcore Fucking punishment with a real carved pumpkin wearing babe. We didn’t even mention the smoking Hot Blond Milf wearing it that would satisfy any sweet tooth. This may not be the normal trick or treat but you will love it! Remember the movie Pumpkin Head? This will give all new meaning to pumpkins. Halloween is the best time to explore some BDSM. With such a HARD body like this it’s a treat for all your sick desires. Tricks are for kids but this treat is only for adults! We do love pumpkin pie but we don’t want any pumpkin in the pie we plan on eating for sure. SO Fuck the candy when we can punish a sweet tart like this…



We really want to experience a prostate massage. Hoping to get some advice from some prostate lovers. We hear they can be quite explosive. Besides the unbelievable sensations you experience we also heard it’s very healthy getting All that backed up cum out of that little fellow. Don’t know if we would have anything left to back up from all the jerking we perform on a daily basis. From what we hear online you can’t fight the build up very long and end up gushing like a fire hydrant. Anyone have any experience with that? We would like any advice about getting one. Toys are out for self prostate massage but we would rather have a babe use her fingers up the butt. Only concerns we about is getting some crazy bitch who doesn’t know what she is doing and cracking our little walnut laugh out loud. Don’t want anyone with long nails digging around up there. We like the idea of shooting bigger loads and would love two bitches for our experience. One to massage that baby and one to take it in the face!

Dirty Anal!

Oct 17, 2014

We still didn’t get any anal lovin yet, But feeling in the mood we checked out some anal shit today and found something we anally like! Looking for something dirty and anal together was the mission at hand. Think we found it and even more. Sweet young virgin when it comes to lesbian fun, strap on and squirting shit. Every young slut should try out some lesbian love. Fucking squirting is a bonus for all. A tight young ass gets a strap on first time and causes screams of desire. Being a virgin ass makes it so tight at first. It feels out of this world when the big black Strap On enters from her lezzy wearing teacher. Bondage is something she never experienced before let alone having both holes punished. This slut learns the price when it comes to first times.

What’s Up? We have a fantasy and would like some feedback. It may be gross but WTF get over it! This fantasy involves pantyhose and something a little different. Not just any color pantyhose. We want white ones on golden brown skin. That way the white will stand out. We also want this bitch to have a nice bush too. We want to make her work up a sweat for this fantasy. Will start out by making her do some jumping jacks and then we will perform some hardcore licking and furious finger fucking to get her nice and wet down there! You will understand the method to our madness soon. We will be FUCKING the shit out of her in the end! Don’t forget some good booty smacking after working out that brown ass. We want to get up that ass as far as possible. Then we will take those pantyhose off and rub them all up in that sweaty bush snatch and ass. The smell coming from that cock pounding we gave big brown booty earlier should help. This PANYTHOSE is going over the head to be used as a mask so she can take in all the aromas as we FUCK HER HARD UNTIL THE END…


Black Bitch in a Bag!

Oct 5, 2014

You heard of bed in a bag? You know the all in one deals you can buy for your bed. Now you have Chanell Heart and booty in a bag! We would rather purchase this one. She can only stay in our bed after we have tied her up, flogged and fucked the hell out of that black booty! And she has plenty of booty to go around. We show the love by giving forced orgasms. It’s obvious we really have a thing for this brown skinned beauty. When watching the flogging of that shaved pink snatch we all got quite engorged making all cocks standing on end around here. It goes without saying with our tongues drooling it’s time for some licking of that wet pink spot just to show Chanell how much we truly appreciated it. Some nibbling on those pierced nipples is not out of the question either.

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