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Sweet Asian babes. Who doesn’t love them? FUCK the love! We love to punish them!!! It makes us very happy to know Asian babes are submissive at heart. We find it brings out our inner demons. Sweet, innocent looking and struggling just turns us on even more. Just looking at Mia Li you would never think that she really digs rope bondage and the inner struggle of being punished for being such a slutty submissive bitch! With her big doe eyes looking up at us with her beautiful breasts exposed and perky nipples we don’t know where to begin. Pulling on the rope and making it rub between her tight kitty gives us some ideas. With such a beautiful body it would be easy to lose control of our urges…

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Masked for Punishment!

Sep 25, 2014

This is a good one. We find it somewhat funny in our kinky minds. This reminds us of a robbery gone bad. You know how some robbers wear panty hose for a mask. We found them kind of creepy in some late night old movies. Big titted Rain DeGrey is aggressively ASS fucked for crimes unknown! What we found comical was the pantyhose over her face. Did he find her too ugly to fuck? Maybe it’s the punishment for the crime she committed. Possible crimes such as not sucking dick hard enough or maybe not having a tighter anus when he rams that beefy black cock up her pooper. Rain is helpless as she is chained to some wooden cross like looking bench. Tongue tied so she can’t plea for mercy from this sadisitic judge. He leaves her a nice thick creampie so she will never forget her crime. Whatever the crime we love the punishment…

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Fetish Exploring Now!

Sep 20, 2014

What is your Fetish my freaky friends??? We wanted and needed to explore some more Fetishes with out drawing too much attention and still keep our privacy. Maybe they can be a little different or somewhat uncommon to some but nothing illegal. Checked out and got some relief from Porn sites but the desires have been growing and feeling that uncontrollable lust we needed help fast! Some could be called Taboo but we don’t care What The FUCK you call them! What is considered normal is open to opinion. Anyway we decided to explore by calling the number below. We got to be freaky and open without being embarrassed. That was very important to us. We ended up losing our voice and breath by beating off so much. We hope you love it as much as we loved it!!!

Fetishes Unlimited!
Toll Free: 1-877-640-5465

Completely uncensored anything goes phone sex. You can have your special requests here

We LOVE strippers! Who doesn’t like a woman swinging on a pole? These strippers Casey Calvert and Samantha Bentley give you a little something extra for this show. You get to watch some ass play or should we say butt punishment. You stold my tip you “Bitch” Samantha!!! I will just have to go Fisting for it! This pissed off dominant stripper isn’t going to let her new slutty competition steal from her best tipper. It might take more than ass smacking to get Samantha to confess. She will endure all types of anal punishment from sweet ass licking to the mighty strap-on penetrating her cheating ass. She will even end up fisting up that dark hole to get that tip back. Maybe all this is actually pleasure in disguise…

If there was ever a topic that belongs under the category Taboo Talk this is it! Yes, we said it Period Sex. Did you ever have it? Would you be open to it? We don’t know if we would or wouldn’t? Is it safe would be the first thing that comes to mind. If the woman had anything going on down there could you catch it? What if they had a blood disease would be a concern. We bet it could be a fetish for some. You know anything can be a fetish. Maybe it would be like having a V8 and it would give that you much needed pick me up. We enjoy horror movies but do we really want to feel like were starring in one by eating that bloody mess out! It would be like having a bloody marry. Maybe you like the site of blood flowing from her hot spot and it gets your juices flowing. Maybe you have a taste for blood and it really get’s you off! People can have a blood fetish. If you’re a vampire you would be in heaven. As horny as we get we would probably give it a whirl. One thing for sure we would make it her job to wash the blood out of the sheets! Let us know what you think…

Would you say this is throat fucking made easy? Is this making it too easy? It’s NEVER too easy for us!!! We love a helpless woman. Better yet when it’s a Porn Star as smoking hot as Yasmine De Leon! Poor Yasmine seems to be completely incased in something that reminds us of duct tape with only her head and feet free to move. Struggle if you like but it’s a waste. Her sweet throat is just waiting for the throat fucking to begin! Swallowing or choking is the only option at hand. No chance to spit with this cock thrusting down her helpless throat. We love seeing the extra spit ruuning down her beautiful brown face. With feet so pretty and her nails done up in pink we would have to get a foot job…

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Happy Labor Day!

Sep 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day Everyone!!!