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Born to Fuck!

Aug 30, 2014

Little Raven Bay was born to fuck! I know we all end up fucking someday eventually but this was Little Raven’s destiny from the start sort of like little Ani growing up to be Darth Vader in Star Wars. It was not even possible for her to resist. Any willing cock could make Raven happy. She loves anything beyond the norm when it comes to sex. The kinkier the better. Enjoying a Big Black Cock swelling up in her throat and tickling her tonsils is just another day at the office. Having a Big White Cock penetrating her sweet tight pussy at the same time is like casual Friday. I’m sure we couldn’t help but be turned to the dark side after being with Little Raven Bay any day!!!

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Got Camel Toe?

Aug 11, 2014

If milk does the body good then what does camel milk do? We would love to see that study. Maybe you get camel toe from drinking some camel milk? Take that dairy industry! The toes helps give us guys an idea of what that pussy will look like when it’s not hiding. Some women will tease other women about having camel toe but we love them! It gives us quite a thrill to see two happy lips shouting “LOOK AT ME” in some tight hot pants. You can kind of size up what that pussy might feel like when inside it. Do you think camels and women have anything in common besides the two humps? We never really saw a woman with a camel toe that actually looked like a real camel toe. Now, that would be kind of creepy. Do you like or dislike camel toes? Wondering minds would like to know…