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The Tranny Trap!

Jul 26, 2014

Yes, we are going there. We have seen some Hot looking trannies in our day. What we want to know is did you ever fall into the “Tranny Trap”? Who hasn’t been fooled before? Would you consider messing around with a tranny? It’s cool if your into that kind of ride. Different strokes for different folks as they say. Maybe if your drunk enough and feeling really horny. What if a knockout comes up to you at the bar at starts talking to you. Sometimes you can’t even tell until it’s too late. Would you or wouldn’t you? We like bats and balls in sports but not in the bedroom. We would still play around with some nice mounds. Maybe we would even bend them over and shove it in the pooper…


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Daisy Does Two Dicks!

Jul 17, 2014

Daisy Ducati has a passion for cocks and bondage. Today is going to be her lucky day! She will get to fulfill her passion with two cocks for the price of one. That price is being willing to deep throat two cocks and endure a little bondage. It’s nothing this tall luscious redhead can’t handle. This is one Daisy that will not be wearing daisy dukes. She really knows how to take a whole cock down her throat. We’re not sure of her ethnicity but we know we would love filling her up with gobs of cum and landing some on that beautiful brown face and watch it run down in her dimples. It Probably helps having that kinky hair to get everyone in the mood…

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We hate to admit it but we love reality shows. We know they’re scripted but we still love them. This type of reality show below would be a smash hit but I don’t think any sponsor would allow it. First let us give you the back story, Rilynn Rae and Lyla Storm have a little bit of history which makes this Public Disgrace all the more interesting. Back in 2012 Lyla Storm beat Rilynn Rae in a wrestling match. Now she has revenge on her mind. After losing this feisty bitch referee decides the audience gets to choose the punishment for the loser and they don’t care much for losers around here. Even the audience gets in on the action! This is like no other sporting event we ever saw. They get to fist fuck the loser, penetrate every hole and shove cocks down her throat. Even some of the female audience get in some licks. When was the last time you got a blowjob at a sporting event from the participants? Hell, we would pay to see this kind of reality tv. This is the Ultimate Reality Show!!!