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What do you know about piercings and the increase in sexual pleasure they give? We always wondered about all the stories we have heard over the years. Actually we never had any experience with them just yet! We do know they turn us on visually. Nipple piercings like the one Miss Jackson flashed us at the Super Bowl ROCK! A nice juicy clit pierced looks outstanding and makes our cock throb with excitement. We long to find out how it feels when penetrated from behind. Imagine licking all around that clit and teasing it by pulling on that hoop with our teeth would get the juices flowing fast. Blowjobs would be outstanding. We have no proof but we can just imagine a chick with some metal swirling all over the tip of your cock would lead to some massive explosions. We have a gut feeling genital piercings would increase the sexual encounter. We would love to hear your experiences with piercings and what pleasures you receive from them….

We might get some heat for this one. Oh well, If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen! You know you thought about it before. You and your buddies are drinking and talking shit and of course sex comes up. What would you be willing to overlook just to get laid? Would you fuck someone with a missing limb or two? We love spinners. Who doesn’t? How about if that babe had no legs? Damn, with no legs to get in the way she would spin on your cock like a top. We think a mute bitch would rock! She couldn’t say no when your feeling horny and never bitch about you taking out the garbage. A blind girl would be nice too. She wouldn’t be able to see how small your pecker is before it’s inside her. Whatever handicap we come up with doesn’t seem to creep us out enough to have second thoughts. We will fuck just about anything with a pulse. Handicap Porn Lovers can find some good shit by clicking below…


Yes, It’s true We Love Foxy Anya and we don’t care who fucking knows it! Well besides the obvious reasons like her physical beauty who else can give you a hair job and wipe you down after jizzing? Nobody, that’s who! We always loved a sexy babe with a bush but we never considered that we might have a fetish. After bulging erections and non stop flying jizz maybe we might reconsider. We fantasize about doing all kinds of freaky things with her luscious never ending hair. Just be careful not to piss her off with those nails. Would love to find out if Anya knows some tricks that can make your hair stand on end~~~