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We love gang bangs here at Fantasy Chambers! It’s not hard to figure out why. But this is one Gang Bang like no other. Sure we have seen intense gang bangs before but this one Princess Donna gets Gang Banged straight to HELL!!! Our princess is utterly destroyed. She is not only fisted, double penetrated but punished in many other ways. Slapping that ass is not enough for the princess. She gets the princess package with cocks shoved from every direction down her sweet throat. Fucked by mad men and no prince to show up doesn’t break her. Every hole feels punishment from these merry men of the forest. Erect nipples are slapped until they feel raw. We love when clothes are being ripped off bitches while they struggle to get away. Maybe it’s a fairytale but we just wanted to jump right in watching this. Princess Donna does not disappoint…

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Happy Memorial Day!

May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day everyone! We should all be happy to have our freedom. Now go out and get your FREAK ON!!!


We love this kind of freaky shit!!! We never saw this before and we bet you never have either. Chanel Preston must be one freaky bitch to be willing to get fucked tag team style while in a straight jacket. Between her never ending moans and fierce struggles quickly gives rise to a nice bulge in our pants. Who wouldn’t love to have a crazy bitch in a straight jacket while fucking her anyway imaginable. What a great strategy this way she can’t resist the never ending onslaught of thrusting cocks down her throat and in that scared pussy. We really hope straight jacket sex catches on. Then we could finally get a chance to explore some of those depraved fantasies we have kept hidden. My Chanel, you would never be the same. I’m sure we have all known some crazy ass bitches in our day who could of used a straight jacket or two!!

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Here is a topic that might be taboo but that never stopped us before. I’m sure we all thought about incest and the different scenarios that could possibly tempt us in to this forbidden act. What if you had that smoking hot step sister in your family. You just happen one day to catch a peek at her dressing after getting out of the shower. Still wet and her moist skin still glowing from the shower. My sis has one tight body and curves in all the right places. You apologize and tell her it won’t happen again. She giggles and says not to worry about it. Then one late night feeling horny and having a few drinks I start spanking my monkey and my step sister happens to walk in. I try to cover my bulging erection with the blanket as fast as possible. She laughs and says don’t be embarrassed we all do it. Could I watch you? WTF! I say, I guess so. I’m fucking turned on as hell but also scared to death. Once she grabs my meat and starts to stroke it all my fears subside. I can’t believe my eyes, my hot step sister is blowing me!!! Would you ever cross those boundaries?

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when looking at the clip below? We have to admit we felt down right jealous. Any sane guy would love to have a real monster dong like this strap on hanging between his legs! Who knows what else they will come up with next for these DAMN Bitches? They can try on a different size strap on as easy we change our socks! This nasty milf knows just how to get everything she desires out of her lesbian lovers asshole and any other hole that is needing some attention. Maybe fisting is enough for any other slut but not for this one. She craves something more filling such as some delightful double fisting. She needs a fist up her ass and the other shoved in her lonely pussy just to get the juices flowing! What nasty girl wouldn’t want a this impressive looking strap on to enter her from behind. We really hope we don’t ever have to compete with this Strap On!!!