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HOLLY BDSM BATMAN!!! We couldn’t resist saying that. Yes, we know it sounded corny but WTF! Check this out the first ever to my knowledge 24+HR BDSM Double Blind Study featuring Elise Graves & Dixon Mason. We don’t know about you but this should be the BDSM highlight of the Year in our opinion! What Could be as cool BDSM 24 HOURS STRAIGHT! What is better Punishment and more Punishment non stop! Hey Dixon Mason is one bad Ass and a true professional. If anyone can pull it off I’m sure she can. We know we will be pulling for her in more ways than one haha…

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This is one topic we would love to hear your feedback on. Did you ever have sex with a much younger partner or maybe even a more mature one? Do you like the cougars or do you drool over the kittens like we do ? Just had to smile on that one. We lost our virginity to an older woman so we don’t have anything against mature women. As long as their not too long in the tooth. We had a kitten or two in our day and we must admit we love making them purr. There’s nothing better than fucking a sweet young tart. The nectar from a younger pussy taste SO sweet and it makes you feel young again. Just thinking about it get’s our hearts racing! Having sex with mature women just makes us feel like we have mommy issues. Do you think it’s a little creepy too? We would still fuck a Hot MILF any day of the week…

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