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I Want You!!! How would you like if the military recruited it’s female soldiers like this? We would join tommorow if being a soldier we get to experience all you can be like this haha. Watch as this beautiful young Russian teenager is at home. A surprising knock at the door and in some beefy soldiers burst in. Damn these soldiers don’t waste anytime!!! They rip her clothes off and have their way with her. This is of course the best part. We know we are sick fucks. They shove their thick cocks down her young throat. We bet she enjoyed all that beef! One soldeir fucks her sweet pussy and another one abuses that ass while the other one shoves it up her ass. Another soldier has his cock shoved in her mouth. That’s triple penetration. Americans this is the way to wage war. We just got to use more DP!!!


 We love football! But we think we have a favorite new sport. It’s Anal Games  and we think we may love it even more! You gotta love these beautiful babes getting their asses played and stretched with in everyway imaginable. We bet they have no more constipation issues. Strap-ons and more explore their dark holes. Holly Shit! We don’t know what the fucking instrument is being used by this demanding DOM to stretch the sluts ass but it looks like a fucking alien is popping out haha. These two sluts are ordered around and then played with by this dominating biatch!!! We love the ending in the shower. We never saw squirting coming from those holes before. It still got us horny because we love squirting and doesn’t really matter if it’s coming from holes that shouldn’t squirt. A hole is a hole to us…


In this fantasy role play update Phoenix Askani plays an art student moving into new loft spaces near the University. When she recruits the help of some men working on the building she gets more than she bargained for in the freight elevator. Trapped in side with no way of escaping she bound in zip ties and brutally gangbanged!

Check out this babe getting fucked by some kind of sex machine and getting off like hell!!! She looks to be in some kind of bubble in the beginning of the video. Babe is one hell of a moooaner.  Seriously, we thought it was like watching a horror movie! Holly Shit, when she squirts you better get your fucking umbrella out haha. We think it’s hot when a woman squirts. I’ve never seen it happen in person but I hope to someday 🙂 . Then she rides something called a cybian after the other sex machine fucking!!! What is with these fucking sex machines??? How can a guy compete? We don’t know about you but we can’t fuck like a machine. We need time to recover…

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