Fantasy and Fetish Community

Hey everyone. We are very curious about Role Playing. To be honest we always though about rape fantasies and role playing. We wonder if any of you guys ever got a HARD ON when watching a rape scene in movies? We remember when being young, we would always get aroused with a bulging boner from rape scenes in movies. We always felt bad for the bitch being raped but we couldn’t help but be turned on at the same time! And of course the hotter the woman the bigger the boner got smile. Do you think it some secret fetish or maybe we’re just sick fucks? We would get turned on from the ripping sounds of her clothes being torn off! We always imagined the guy saying something like Hey Bitch! I’m going to screw you wether you like it or not bitch so just shut the FUCK UP! We are curious to know how everyone else feels about role playing and especially controversial fantasy rape role playing? Personally, we think it could be enjoyable. Hell Yes! We would be into exploring role playing. Recently found out that many women really enjoy many types of role playing including rape. We have even read that some women fantasise about actually being raped. Did you ever try any rople playing or maybe you’re thinking about trying it? We would love to hear your comments. Peace out!

Warning: Rape Role Playing Should Only Be Between Two Consenting Adults!!!