Fantasy and Fetish Community

New to Fetish!

Feb 9, 2012

We have many questions being new to the fetish world! You could say we have always been a little curious about the fetish lifestyle. What criteria is used to define if something is a fetish? When does it become a Fetish? Who the hell decides? Maybe you’re just kinky as hell! We expect this will not be the end of the questions . Don’t you think we all have a little fetish of some kind? Not really sure if we actually have any fetishes. Maybe we just enjoy being kinky sometimes. Well, we guess we will just have to find out the hard way grinning from ear to ear . We look forward to sharing with you all our kinky fantasies and fetish experiences. Please feel free to share with us some of your desires, fetishes & experiences. Only together can we make this a beneficial experience for All!!!