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Fuck My Fat ASS

Dec 23, 2015

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Dec 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Early! This is our gift for you… Enjoy and tell Santa your Naughty and you need PUNISHED!
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It’s Ass Day For Lyla Storm
It’s a three part Bondage and Rough Sex Live Show and Lyla Storm has already given up two of her holes. You know what that means: in part three we are going to be all about that ass. It turns out that Lyla loves having things inserted back there. We even have the chance to make her have some beautiful anal orgasms that make her pussy squirt like a fountain. …


We all have first times in our lives. Some first times a girl will never forget in her life usually consist of a heart punding first kiss, first crush and the dreaded break up. What about first time fucking fisting!!! That is even better. The excitement and pleasure that comes with a first fisting will never be forgotten because some girls are scared to go there. Shy about that anal first time and fisting is something they really have to think about.Carter Cruise loses her anal fisting virginity to Dana DeArmond in this all lesbian anal sex update! Carter looks like a sweet girl so she needs to be sweet talked into it. But once she does she finds many thrilling sensations come from a nice fucking fisting….

Dirty Anal!

Oct 17, 2014

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We LOVE strippers! Who doesn’t like a woman swinging on a pole? These strippers Casey Calvert and Samantha Bentley give you a little something extra for this show. You get to watch some ass play or should we say butt punishment. You stold my tip you “Bitch” Samantha!!! I will just have to go Fisting for it! This pissed off dominant stripper isn’t going to let her new slutty competition steal from her best tipper. It might take more than ass smacking to get Samantha to confess. She will endure all types of anal punishment from sweet ass licking to the mighty strap-on penetrating her cheating ass. She will even end up fisting up that dark hole to get that tip back. Maybe all this is actually pleasure in disguise…

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College Anal Babes!

Mar 8, 2014

There are lots of big assed pornstars out there who dispatch their extreme fetish videos as authentic: stating their asses have never been fucked; when in truth, they have had thousands of BDSM scenes where all kinds of weird toys penetrate their loose anuses and end up pretending it hurts them. Real college girls on the other hand have exquisite tight assholes which have barely been used rightly. Sure they may have been received a cock in there, but nothing extremely kinky. So what happens when you blend in a real college babe with a stunning ass and her willingness to try out new anal experiences?
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