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Here is a topic that might be taboo but that never stopped us before. I’m sure we all thought about incest and the different scenarios that could possibly tempt us in to this forbidden act. What if you had that smoking hot step sister in your family. You just happen one day to catch a peek at her dressing after getting out of the shower. Still wet and her moist skin still glowing from the shower. My sis has one tight body and curves in all the right places. You apologize and tell her it won’t happen again. She giggles and says not to worry about it. Then one late night feeling horny and having a few drinks I start spanking my monkey and my step sister happens to walk in. I try to cover my bulging erection with the blanket as fast as possible. She laughs and says don’t be embarrassed we all do it. Could I watch you? WTF! I say, I guess so. I’m fucking turned on as hell but also scared to death. Once she grabs my meat and starts to stroke it all my fears subside. I can’t believe my eyes, my hot step sister is blowing me!!! Would you ever cross those boundaries?

We bet most if not all red blooded men have seen the whipped pie scene from Varsity Blues. It gave our already perverted imaginations some food for thought. Food and Porn just go together. We know after shooting a big load we need to feed our faces. Don’t you want something a little more freaky besides the romantic and if we can be honest, boring feeding your lover strawberries. What ways could we use food to turn it from romance to the more freaky and stimulating? How about that erotic curved banana slide it slowly in her baby chute and if your really feeling FREAKY you can taste it with all her lady juice on it! You could join the green movement with one mighty cucumber up that tight ass. Satisfy both your sweet tooth cravings with some drizzled chocolate syrup on your man meat and let her devour it in no time flat. Whores love chocolate and we do too! Try some dual penetration with fruit and veggies and get that five servings of the day easily. Whatever you come up with getting freaky with food sounds a buffet of pleasure…

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It might be easier to ask why not have Hot Public Sex? Fucking like some wild animals in public sounds like a good time to us! Did you ever have public sex? We did. If fucking in a car counts then we did. Yeah Baby! It can be thrilling to get your heart pounding with the fear of getting caught. Can you get in trouble? HELL YEAH!!! That’s the excitement of it dumb shit! Maybe we didn’t exactly try anything too daring yet. But we have some ideas. Something better than the old finger fuck movie good time. We think why not finger fuck her before the main course in that swanky restaurant. No bread sticks needed HAHA. We always wanted to fuck our boss on her desk with the door open. Whatever you decided have fun…

What Defines a Fetish?

Mar 16, 2014

We want to know what defines a Fetish? Who the fuck decides such a thing? Some nerdy book worm or some kinky bastard? We have many questions and need many answers! Would love to know… Looking for some feedback from the Fetish World!

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We love a babe with a big ass booty. Who doesn’t right? When the babe squirts her lady juice too well then we feel like we’re in heaven! How come we never meet a squirting pussy around town?  Anyone else into squirting pussies? We think it’s HOT! I don’t know what got us hotter her Juicy ASS OR PUSSY. Check out how red that big booty gets from all that smacking. We would love to have a babe that would squirt at the same time we shoot our loooaaad….

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Check out this hot young thang! She is a site to behold especially for our pussy craving cocks late at night. All the cocks around here got hard in no time after seeing such a young tight body and sweet shaven pussy. We would love ramming that fresh pussy all night long! Maybe we could invite some babysitters over here. We don’t have any babies for them to feed but they could feed something us like our sick fantasies…

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Pissing Fetish Anyone?

Nov 15, 2012

Golden showers anyone? Honestly, We don’t really get into the whole pissing fetish. Not letting no chick to piss on us! We prefer our showers the old fashion way with soap and water haha. Now we may piss on some bitch. It’s not really a Pissing fetish but we do find it a turn on watching a woman pissing for real and in Porn!!! Yes, we love watching that liquid gold flowing out of a woman’s wet pussy! If a chick ever asked us to piss on her, we think we could be talked into making it rain down on her. If we ever feel too drunk and need help taking a leak she’s always free to aim Mr. COCK. The bitch better make sure to catch any dribble in her mouth because we hate it when it runs down the leg hehe…

Watch this horny couple bang their young babysitter. She looks so sweet and innocent with her pigtails. She has no knowledge of what is about to happen. How would you like to babysit for this couple? Hey honey could you pay the babysitter and don’t forget to give her the tip this time! Sure, she will love this tip. My big cock will be plenty of a tip. That’s what we call a big tipper. His monster looks like it will be too much for this young thing but she handles it just fine. This young bitch soon finds what lessons her mom should of taught her about babysitting and big cocks!!! Enjoy the video guys.

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Check out this young blond honey squirting her lady juice everywhere! We love squirting showers. Such a nice smooth pussy waiting to let it out. It really turned us on while he’s finger fucks her and she starts squirting like hell! There’s no stopping a squirting pussy once it get’s going. To be honest we never had a woman squirt for us in our life. We sure feel like we’re missing out 🙁 . We find it Kinky as hell! Hey, why should guys be the only ones who get to shoot their loads. The total thrill would be for both of us to shoot at the same time! Check out the video…

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Hey everyone! We think today would be the perfect day for everyone to explore their Milf fantasy:) You know what would be even better? A fucking hot Milf  &  her sweet ass daughter! That’s a  little harder to find! We always see plenty of hot milfs out there but finding a daughter that we would enjoy fucking could be a task. This is definitely a fantasy worth pursuing. We would start the search out at the clubs. That night will not be a total failure if you don’t hook up. We will still have that buzz at the end of the night! Just the luck we happen to spy this one sexy milf at the very first club we hit up. We buy her a drink and introduce our self.  She seems friendly enough. We ask her if she comes her often. She says no, but her daughter wanted to check out this new club and didn’t want to explore it alone. I’m thinking to myself if the daughter looks anything like the mom we could be in business. The daughter comes over from the dance floor. Damn, she is fine as hell. We flirt innocently and buy her a drink.  She soon takes off to the dance floor again. Softly we whisper in the mother’s  ear,  I can’t believe  she’s your daughter, you look more like sisters.  She just eats this up.  We dance and talk the rest of the night.  When the end of the night comes we invite her back to my place for a drink. What the hell she says the nights still young.  Let me tell you this Milfs got one hell of a body on her. Once we get back to my place we pour her a drink and start kissing this beauty passionately while the party in our pants get’s started. She’s feeling pretty good so we start exploring her sexy toned body. My heart starts to race as she slowly undresses for me. I start playing with her beautiful breasts. We amaze at how firm and soft her breast feel for her age.  She’s got some big nipples and I really enjoy sucking on big nipples. The daughter most of loved getting that milk straight from the tap HAHA. This Milf has a body made for pleasure! As we begin to fuck the drunk daughter suddenly stumbles into the room from her night out. Could this be the night the fantasy finally comes true? She seems a little embarrassed. We tell her not to be and ask if she would like to join us. The Mom just laughs. The daughter hesitates at first but soon changes her mind. We guess being drunk and slutty helped change her mind. Slutty daughter has some sweet perky tits. We love playing with them as mom watches. With our cock as hard as a fucking steel pipe by this time I began to explore both snatches. They both begin moaning as finger them both. We decide to  taste this milfs pussy after we notice how dripping wet she is getting. The daughter starts getting a little jealous so we let her suck rock cock until it’s her turn for us to fuck away.  The slutty daughter doesn’t do a bad job sucking cock either but the mother soon shows her how it’s really done. As the mother sucks a throbbing cock like a pro the slutty daughter keeps our balls warm in that pretty young mouth. I’m sure you can imagine how the night ended :). What did we do to deserve this? We feel like we died and went to heaven!  Now, that’s a fantasy to be proud of…