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Feb 28, 2016

Teasing Every Hole!

May 5, 2015

We don’t know about you but we like teasing every hole. Just to be clear that is every hole of a woman. Clean and smelling good should always apply, that should go without saying. Some flogging the sweet spot should always be included to show that cunt who is in charge. You have to tease and prepare that hole just right before entering it. Some nibbling on those tender lips and pulling will really get her going. Finger it to knock anything loose that shouldn’t be there and some good licking helps wash away any grime. Blow on it if it’s too wet. Always prepare that backend by fingering around! That way you get no CHUNKS of brown stuff! Some may not care to lick that ass but we do. We enjoy sticking that quivering moist tongue up that ass as far as we can. Makes it nice and wet for our throbbing beef stick to go to work. The same way after having a good car wash, we like to make it shine when were finished…

Check this out… Anyone up for some Bondage and Pussy Punishment? Hell, Yeah! Does it matter what the pussy looks like? Not today. Doesn’t matter if it’s ugly and raw looking. If it’s pretty and pink looking that will change after we’re done with it! Let us beat it, poke it, stuff it with anything our sick minds come up with to inflict punishment . We think you get the picture. You can tell we take pride in our work. Look we just LOVE when a bitch is totally helpless as we go to town on that crying but wanting cunt. Words like Stop and NO does not help either. If she says pretty please we may let up for a second…


Yes, Some BLACK BOOTY finally bounced it’s way on to our lap and enjoyed taking some white gold from our treasure chest!!! Racist? FUCK NO! We didn’t make her swab the deck. We recommend looking both ways when crossing the path of a black booty and be careful when that booty is backing up in your direction. Always loved some ASS with CLASS and she didn’t disappoint. Soft dark skin so smooth that we hated to spew that juice all over it! You know the saying, the DARKER the berry the sweeter the juice. Sure is sweeter. Everyone should fuck a black booty once or twice in their life. Go Bang a Brown Bodacious Booty today…
Black and Beautiful!!!
Toll Free: 1-888-703-2669

Did you ever wonder what ALL you can insert in the dark holes of a freaky and willing bitch? It might help to ask one. Well from our experience it’s almost endless.

We really want to experience a prostate massage. Hoping to get some advice from some prostate lovers. We hear they can be quite explosive. Besides the unbelievable sensations you experience we also heard it’s very healthy getting All that backed up cum out of that little fellow. Don’t know if we would have anything left to back up from all the jerking we perform on a daily basis. From what we hear online you can’t fight the build up very long and end up gushing like a fire hydrant. Anyone have any experience with that? We would like any advice about getting one. Toys are out for self prostate massage but we would rather have a babe use her fingers up the butt. Only concerns we about is getting some crazy bitch who doesn’t know what she is doing and cracking our little walnut laugh out loud. Don’t want anyone with long nails digging around up there. We like the idea of shooting bigger loads and would love two bitches for our experience. One to massage that baby and one to take it in the face!

If there was ever a topic that belongs under the category Taboo Talk this is it! Yes, we said it Period Sex. Did you ever have it? Would you be open to it? We don’t know if we would or wouldn’t? Is it safe would be the first thing that comes to mind. If the woman had anything going on down there could you catch it? What if they had a blood disease would be a concern. We bet it could be a fetish for some. You know anything can be a fetish. Maybe it would be like having a V8 and it would give that you much needed pick me up. We enjoy horror movies but do we really want to feel like were starring in one by eating that bloody mess out! It would be like having a bloody marry. Maybe you like the site of blood flowing from her hot spot and it gets your juices flowing. Maybe you have a taste for blood and it really get’s you off! People can have a blood fetish. If you’re a vampire you would be in heaven. As horny as we get we would probably give it a whirl. One thing for sure we would make it her job to wash the blood out of the sheets! Let us know what you think…

Got Camel Toe?

Aug 11, 2014

If milk does the body good then what does camel milk do? We would love to see that study. Maybe you get camel toe from drinking some camel milk? Take that dairy industry! The toes helps give us guys an idea of what that pussy will look like when it’s not hiding. Some women will tease other women about having camel toe but we love them! It gives us quite a thrill to see two happy lips shouting “LOOK AT ME” in some tight hot pants. You can kind of size up what that pussy might feel like when inside it. Do you think camels and women have anything in common besides the two humps? We never really saw a woman with a camel toe that actually looked like a real camel toe. Now, that would be kind of creepy. Do you like or dislike camel toes? Wondering minds would like to know…

What do you know about piercings and the increase in sexual pleasure they give? We always wondered about all the stories we have heard over the years. Actually we never had any experience with them just yet! We do know they turn us on visually. Nipple piercings like the one Miss Jackson flashed us at the Super Bowl ROCK! A nice juicy clit pierced looks outstanding and makes our cock throb with excitement. We long to find out how it feels when penetrated from behind. Imagine licking all around that clit and teasing it by pulling on that hoop with our teeth would get the juices flowing fast. Blowjobs would be outstanding. We have no proof but we can just imagine a chick with some metal swirling all over the tip of your cock would lead to some massive explosions. We have a gut feeling genital piercings would increase the sexual encounter. We would love to hear your experiences with piercings and what pleasures you receive from them….

We might get some heat for this one. Oh well, If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen! You know you thought about it before. You and your buddies are drinking and talking shit and of course sex comes up. What would you be willing to overlook just to get laid? Would you fuck someone with a missing limb or two? We love spinners. Who doesn’t? How about if that babe had no legs? Damn, with no legs to get in the way she would spin on your cock like a top. We think a mute bitch would rock! She couldn’t say no when your feeling horny and never bitch about you taking out the garbage. A blind girl would be nice too. She wouldn’t be able to see how small your pecker is before it’s inside her. Whatever handicap we come up with doesn’t seem to creep us out enough to have second thoughts. We will fuck just about anything with a pulse. Handicap Porn Lovers can find some good shit by clicking below…