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We love gang bangs here at Fantasy Chambers! It’s not hard to figure out why. But this is one Gang Bang like no other. Sure we have seen intense gang bangs before but this one Princess Donna gets Gang Banged straight to HELL!!! Our princess is utterly destroyed. She is not only fisted, double penetrated but punished in many other ways. Slapping that ass is not enough for the princess. She gets the princess package with cocks shoved from every direction down her sweet throat. Fucked by mad men and no prince to show up doesn’t break her. Every hole feels punishment from these merry men of the forest. Erect nipples are slapped until they feel raw. We love when clothes are being ripped off bitches while they struggle to get away. Maybe it’s a fairytale but we just wanted to jump right in watching this. Princess Donna does not disappoint…

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Sorry for the long winter break. This will thaw you out real quick. My favorite Asian Porn Star in a Gang Bang!!! Asa Akira plays America’s sweetheart, a famous actress with a good girl image that she will protect at all costs. Blackmailed with a sex tape, Asa is made to meet her blackmailer at a remote location, where she is bound in metal restraints. She is fucked while sleeping, then awakes to find herself surrounded by 5 cocks ready to fill her pussy with cum. This Asian hottie gets double penetrated, stuffed airtight, ass fucked in bondage, creampied, covered in cum, then left tied up and smiling in an abandoned building. America’s sweetheart ain’t so sweet anymore!!!

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Check out this old whore of a Mom showing her young daughter how to work a cock. They both take turns fitting his big cock up their tight holes! It’s much easier for the broken in Mommy looking Mom with a worn out loose pussy. The Mom looks like she has a few miles on but we would still fuck the old whore just to get to that young stuff. We would make young stuff a pro in no time…

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Sep 14, 2012

Do you love Gang Bangs As much as we do? You know what’s even better? Bound Gang Bangs!!! Do you love women getting pounded by many cocks All at once and being bound at that same time? Of course you do!!! Gagging and choking as big cocks are thrusted in their mouths and down them? Begging for air and trying to stop the next onslaught. You will after checking this out. WE HOPE YOU IT ENJOY AS MUCH AS WE DID…

Hey everyone. We can’t believe Labor Day has come and gone. Hoping you all had a Happy Labor Day! Do you love young girls as much as we do? Do you like Gang Bangs? Then you’ll love this gang bang! Sweet sority girl Krissie Dee always had a fantasy about being gang banged. She dreamed about getting all her little holes filled. Well she’s in for more than she bargained for when she joined this sorority. We just love first timers!!! Not only will cocks be shoved in her young pussy but cocks up that sweet little tight ass too. That innocent young ass get’s spanked just like in her dreams. Savoring the taste of cocks in her young mouth. This little Asian get’s both white and black meat. Feeling fuller from big black sizes in little fresh holes! This young babe never experienced anything rough before. OH YEAH, You love it when the they experience it rough for the first time!!!

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I Want You!!! How would you like if the military recruited it’s female soldiers like this? We would join tommorow if being a soldier we get to experience all you can be like this haha. Watch as this beautiful young Russian teenager is at home. A surprising knock at the door and in some beefy soldiers burst in. Damn these soldiers don’t waste anytime!!! They rip her clothes off and have their way with her. This is of course the best part. We know we are sick fucks. They shove their thick cocks down her young throat. We bet she enjoyed all that beef! One soldeir fucks her sweet pussy and another one abuses that ass while the other one shoves it up her ass. Another soldier has his cock shoved in her mouth. That’s triple penetration. Americans this is the way to wage war. We just got to use more DP!!!


In this fantasy role play update Phoenix Askani plays an art student moving into new loft spaces near the University. When she recruits the help of some men working on the building she gets more than she bargained for in the freight elevator. Trapped in side with no way of escaping she bound in zip ties and brutally gangbanged!

We have to admit this cute college girl getting bound & gang banged really put a boner in our pants! It’s always nice to reconnect with old friends but with friends like these who needs enemies. This sweet college babe never sees it coming. The gang bang happens at night. We Imagine this is the best time for the surprise type gang bangs. We really got into the intense action and the dialogue during this gang bang. You will love those cocks smacking her in the face. She’s a real trooper and takes all the punishment they dish out. At the end everyone get’s some cock sucking for a job well done too. Even though she looks like a sweet girl but they still fuck her like a whore. I love her cute ass by the way. We would like to find a college girl to go camping with me us wink.

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