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Asian Spice Force Fuck

Jan 13, 2016

What does it take to make the sexiest women in the world lose themselves in sexual submission? Just a few minutes with us and our toys. Ana Foxxx enjoys severe bondage to go with her orgasms. Jennifer White likes to be manhandled before she is tied down and crammed full of cock. It is Chanel Preston that has it worst, though. She is the one we lock down on the sybian til she cums her brains out.

Fox in Bondage House!

Jul 14, 2015

Maybe she is not an actual four legged fox but it’s our opinion this kind is one better. Asian babe Kalina Ryu is one stone cold Fox. This petite Asian delight could spin on your cock for hours without taking your breath away. We had thought we could have her breathless after we finished what are sick minds started. Wrong! Was it the tight body or the never ending pleasure pleaser personality of Kalin but we felt drained. Two cocks pounding her tight hole don’t even slow her down. She just laughs when we stick force all of our mighty meat in her again and again. We thought this Asian fox wouldn’t make it out of our bondage house in one piece. Surprise! Surprise! This Asian beauty can fuck as many guys as she wants and drain every drop from their sacks and still keep going strong…

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New Bondage Babe!

Jun 29, 2015

Krista Jade takes our breath away! This new bondage babe as we call her drove us crazy as soon our eyes got a glimpse of her. Not to mention all dicks starting wagging around here barely a split second later. This is one newbie we hope sticks around. We could pound her for days. We would love pulling her pony tail as we fuck her like a wild stallion! Imagine breaking her in would make us cum like a race horse on crack! A new natural beauty in extreme bondage makes our hearts race with delight. Juicy big tits so white and soft looking they make our mouths water. Barely able to walk we run for tissues to begin wacking off carefully trying to not hack off our ever so greatly growing member!


Oh Baby! This is the way to start the FUCKING NEW YEAR OFF!!! Bondage babe Bonnie Rotten can blow my boner anytime this New Year! We all make new year resolutions. This is ours Fucking Bonnie Rotten. It’s what we’re doing and who we’re doing it to. Bonnie Rotten is a pro. She’s a slut who loves getting thrown around, locked down, and fucked up. Bondage and Rough Sex are the only way she can get off and we’re the best in the business. Taking it from both ends would leave most girls exhausted and looking to escape but it just has Bonnie Rotten begging for more….

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This pussy that Beretta James owns is Top Shelf and it took two massive cocks to please her. To be honest it may take more to truly break her. With Curves to die for and appetite to match would you be able to satisfy her? She only wants every hole filled and to be exhausted by men willing to do what it takes! Dark features to match her dark desires make us fill with cum in no time. Just waiting to shoot all over this honey is our problem!

Trick or Treat has come early this year my fellow freaks. Yes, it is a Halloween lovers dream! BDSM and Hardcore Fucking punishment with a real carved pumpkin wearing babe. We didn’t even mention the smoking Hot Blond Milf wearing it that would satisfy any sweet tooth. This may not be the normal trick or treat but you will love it! Remember the movie Pumpkin Head? This will give all new meaning to pumpkins. Halloween is the best time to explore some BDSM. With such a HARD body like this it’s a treat for all your sick desires. Tricks are for kids but this treat is only for adults! We do love pumpkin pie but we don’t want any pumpkin in the pie we plan on eating for sure. SO Fuck the candy when we can punish a sweet tart like this…



Masked for Punishment!

Sep 25, 2014

This is a good one. We find it somewhat funny in our kinky minds. This reminds us of a robbery gone bad. You know how some robbers wear panty hose for a mask. We found them kind of creepy in some late night old movies. Big titted Rain DeGrey is aggressively ASS fucked for crimes unknown! What we found comical was the pantyhose over her face. Did he find her too ugly to fuck? Maybe it’s the punishment for the crime she committed. Possible crimes such as not sucking dick hard enough or maybe not having a tighter anus when he rams that beefy black cock up her pooper. Rain is helpless as she is chained to some wooden cross like looking bench. Tongue tied so she can’t plea for mercy from this sadisitic judge. He leaves her a nice thick creampie so she will never forget her crime. Whatever the crime we love the punishment…

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Would you say this is throat fucking made easy? Is this making it too easy? It’s NEVER too easy for us!!! We love a helpless woman. Better yet when it’s a Porn Star as smoking hot as Yasmine De Leon! Poor Yasmine seems to be completely incased in something that reminds us of duct tape with only her head and feet free to move. Struggle if you like but it’s a waste. Her sweet throat is just waiting for the throat fucking to begin! Swallowing or choking is the only option at hand. No chance to spit with this cock thrusting down her helpless throat. We love seeing the extra spit ruuning down her beautiful brown face. With feet so pretty and her nails done up in pink we would have to get a foot job…

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Born to Fuck!

Aug 30, 2014

Little Raven Bay was born to fuck! I know we all end up fucking someday eventually but this was Little Raven’s destiny from the start sort of like little Ani growing up to be Darth Vader in Star Wars. It was not even possible for her to resist. Any willing cock could make Raven happy. She loves anything beyond the norm when it comes to sex. The kinkier the better. Enjoying a Big Black Cock swelling up in her throat and tickling her tonsils is just another day at the office. Having a Big White Cock penetrating her sweet tight pussy at the same time is like casual Friday. I’m sure we couldn’t help but be turned to the dark side after being with Little Raven Bay any day!!!

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Daisy Does Two Dicks!

Jul 17, 2014

Daisy Ducati has a passion for cocks and bondage. Today is going to be her lucky day! She will get to fulfill her passion with two cocks for the price of one. That price is being willing to deep throat two cocks and endure a little bondage. It’s nothing this tall luscious redhead can’t handle. This is one Daisy that will not be wearing daisy dukes. She really knows how to take a whole cock down her throat. We’re not sure of her ethnicity but we know we would love filling her up with gobs of cum and landing some on that beautiful brown face and watch it run down in her dimples. It Probably helps having that kinky hair to get everyone in the mood…

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