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Do you love seeing dildos and other bizarre things inserted into pussies as much as we do? We think we’re safe in saying that you probably love it as much as we do. We think it’s fucking hot and it will make you want to run out to your local hardware store to start building your own sex machine. What exactly can you all get into the deep, dark and sometimes mysterious thing called A pussy? How we would love to start our own experiments right away. But, where could we find some freaks to help with this type of study? We just can’t ask some bitch on the very first date haha. Maybe Craigslist? I’m sure their are plenty of freaks on there. Watching fucking machines pounding the shit out of squirting pussies makes us too horny to search right now! Maybe after we cum and cum often watching shit like this we can focus….


Check out this babe getting fucked by some kind of sex machine and getting off like hell!!! She looks to be in some kind of bubble in the beginning of the video. Babe is one hell of a moooaner.  Seriously, we thought it was like watching a horror movie! Holly Shit, when she squirts you better get your fucking umbrella out haha. We think it’s hot when a woman squirts. I’ve never seen it happen in person but I hope to someday 🙂 . Then she rides something called a cybian after the other sex machine fucking!!! What is with these fucking sex machines??? How can a guy compete? We don’t know about you but we can’t fuck like a machine. We need time to recover…

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What do you think of when you hear the phrase fucking machines? We think of an office worker pissed at the copy machine. That’s not the case here. This slut loves getting fucked by fucking machines. A machine with two dildos attatched to it to be exact. You know what the say two heads are better than one. The one dildo fills her pussy up while the other one penetrates her tight ass at the same  time. This sluts loves getting all her holes filled for ultimate pleasure. Her sybian ride is also one ride worth not to miss! Still not sure what that the hell a sybian is but it sure looks like it’s getting her off!!!

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